When I left, I did not really know what to do with myself

I had always liked animals and wanted to have my own little small holding. The small holding was not so hard to find, and fortunately it came with a guest cottage that I could rent out. However, the income from the cottage was not really enough, and I spent a couple of days working for London escorts.

My little small holding grew, and eventually I started to rear chickens. My chickens seemed to be happy, and I started to make money from selling free range eggs. As I did not really want to travel up to London to work for London escorts, I started to look for other income opportunities as well. After all, this was all about living independently and trying to make a living from my little small holding.


Trout fishing was a big deal in the part of Hampshire that I had moved to. Lots of the fishing guys were always coming to rent my cottage or to buy eggs from me. Most of them started to ask if I had any earthworms and I started to dig in the garden for earth worms to sell to the fishermen as well. I was the only person in the area of doing so, and I must admit that the little worms did not put me off at all. In fact, unlike my former colleagues at London escorts, I thought they were kind of cute.


I started to do some research into earthworms, and what I had not realized is that you can farm them. Investing in equipment to farm earthworms is not very expensive, and it took me a month to set up. These days, I don’t have to worry about travelling up to London to work for London escorts. Instead of having to put my high heels shoes on, I slip on my wellies and go out to look after my earth worms. Let’s put it this way, I have come a long way since I left London escorts.


My little wrigglers like I call them are making me a lot of money. Not only do they sell very well, but I sell a lot of spent compost. That simply means that it is the compost that the earth worms have worked through. It is very good for plants and I ship it all over the UK. I never thought that I would become an earthworm farmer, but it really appeals to me now. Sure the chickens are still making me money, and along with the other things I produce on my small holding, you can say that I have become a real country girl. This year I am learning how to produce my own goats milk and cheese, and I am looking forward too many other adventures on my little small holding. You never know what is going to make a great business idea, but you certainly have to be open minded.

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