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Talking about bondage

There are not that many Woodside escorts who practice bondage, because they know that things can go wrong. Most Woodside escorts think that bondage is better practiced by experienced girls who run dominatrix services. Gents should really seek out dominatrix services instead of asking their girls to provide the service. There are a large variety of dungeons around Woodside, and most escort’s services do have a note of dungeons in the local area. To run a dominatrix service well, you do need to be kitted out to do so.

I have never been really into bondage, but I have seen what happens when things go wrong. For instance, you might end up with marks on your skin or bruising. When I worked for Woodside escorts of, I sometimes come across gents who had marks on their wrists. When I asked, they said that they had come from bondage sessions where handcuffs or leather straps were used. It did not look pretty, and my dates at Woodside escorts were always trying to cover up the marks with their sleeves. It did not always work, and must have been a bit embarrassing for them.

In bondage you also use certain “brake” or security words. This means that the person who is engaging in doing the giving need to stop. Some of the gents that I met at Woodside escorts told me that these break words were really important, and you should never start a bondage session without knowing these break words. There is a lot to learn about bondage, and this is one of the many reasons that Woodside escorts don’t think it is a good idea to practice bondage as part of their activities. However, the girls do have many other things to offer instead.

Bondage is becoming more and more popular with all sorts of people. Woodside escorts of actually say that a lot of their friends use it as part of mainstream sex. Bondage gear can now even be bought in Anne Summer stores, and many of the stores have really increased their ranges. Could it be that the Brits are really taking to bondage? I certainly think so, and I know that many Woodside escorts agree with me as well. Bondage is quickly becoming a popular past time of the general public, and is set to become more popular in the future.

Does this mean that Woodside escorts will start their own dungeons? Some of the girls would like to start their own dungeons, but they would probably leave Woodside escorts to do so. It takes a bit of training to become a dominatrix, and you can’t just step into a pair of thigh high boots and call yourself a dominatrix. The fact, is that this is a very special skill and most of the girls recognize that. Sexual Bondage can be fun, but you really need to know what you are doing and be careful when you practice the art of bondage.…