Sierra The College Escort

Sierra was this naïve girl who never spoke a word to anyone when she joined college. She finally made a couple of friends in her second year and they changed the quiet girl into a party girl. Sierra started going out to parties with her friends. So she started spending more money than she used to in her first year. This meant that she had to look for a job to keep up with her new lifestyle. Of course her parents could not give her extra money to go for parties and take care of her other needs and college expenses.

One day, towards the end of her second year, she found her roommate reading an article about a successful escort who makes $500 per night just doing her thing. This was a wake-up call for Sierra. You see, Sierra was a petite, beautiful girl with flawless skin, bright eyes, and this killer smile. So she knew that she would get clients if she got into the business. So she decided to contact an Eve escorts agency to give it a try.

She passed the interview, went for a photoshoot for her portfolio and got a client the same day. She was nervous about meeting her first client since this was her first time to get paid for sex and have sex with someone she didn’t know. But the client was paying a large sum of money for her time, which did make it a little better.

They met at a hotel room and the client was already waiting. She already had a briefing on how to handle clients so she was ready to get to work. The first kiss she got on the neck changed everything. Her body got excited and her nipples became hard. The touch of this man was so good, better than most men in college. The client was middle-aged, probably near the same age as her lecturers. But she loved how he handled her.

This was the first time she got multiple orgasms. She was definitely enjoying this new job. She met her second client two days after her first encounter and was now ready for it. The second experience was better than the first since this client was good looking. Eve started loving this job since she got the chance to meet various people and enjoy versatile sex while making money.

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